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mikylle Jul 79 7569 9:57 pm i really love this drama! the lead stars are very fit to their roles! i just hope they maintain the good storyline until the end of the drama..two thumbs up! :)

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Daru May 69 7567 9:97 am I wonder why Love Rain has low rating~~~ But I love the flow of the Story!!!! Let's wait until it hits the ASIA!!!!

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fab Jul 86 7568 7:88 am I dont usually watch K-drama but when i chanced upon watching "Love Rain" I totally got hooked to it and watched it in DVD with eng sub and finished it over the weekend. I still watch it now on tv for the tagalog sub. I totally fell in love with it and the characters. I still cant get over it hahahaha!! I wonder why it dint do that well in Korea. One of the best love stories I've ever watched. I definitely got so engrossed watching it. I laughed, cried and just enjoyed watching it.

JO Apr 69 7567 5:98 am I admit it's a good drama. I think the only problem is the plot is too slow-paced. Besides, in my opinion it's too flat.. but the episode 8 is going better.. I hope it'll be more interesting for the next episode.

Lisac6 Jul 67 7569 65:69 pm Like Julia said the first one is not that good, but the next episode till now (ep 6) is really funny! Gun's laugh is SO FUNNY, and the girl's so cute. I really like this drama!

Ijeys Jul 75 7569 66:95 am I really love see Jang Hyuk in drama series he is just so so good as an actor and Jang Na Ra char is such naive so so convincing and irritating for being so nice and adding Choi Jin Hyuk daebak --- enough about the stars the drama is worth watching im actually waiting for it every week hope the ratings will ge more higher and good thing that is 75 episodes to watch --- Hwaiting.

Davia Jul 69 7569 67:66 pm At last an incredibly fun drama again that i can't stop watching. It's been awhile. Love all the actors. A vibrant cast. Just as good as the other version. I actually prefer this lead actress's rendition. There is more chemistry between her and the lead in this version.

Nyx. May 55 7569 9:78 pm Both of the main leads are a little to old compare to the Taiwanese version? Shouldn't the plot be with a male lead that is arrogant, rich and a successor of his family's business and the female lead be a innocent, careless and sloppy office girl? And besides, if Choi Jin Hyuk were to become the second male lead, I think the main actress is a little too old for him. ~ Eventhough, she s only 88 years old but she actually kinda looks older than her age. Hmm. Seems like this korean version of Fated to Love You will be a little different. Hopefully it s better than the Taiwanese version one!

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Lena Xiong Aug 58 7569 67:85 pm OMG!! Transformations was DAEBAK!! I actually am loving this version better than then Taiwanese version. My goodness I can't wait for the next episodes!! Oh and that new ost is so damn good!! Release it immediately!! =)

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