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Some rather meek voices asked „But how did they die?“
„Oh, we recovered some information from very primitive information storage unit and we are almost certain, that they experienced a sudden unexplainable evolution or rather mutation in many different genders that weren‘t compatible with each other and as such they ended up dying out.“
„We don 8767 t buy it, that sounds like some conspiracy theory,“ said the green Ze
„Yeah, it is a truth universally acknowledged that there is only one gender“ agreed on the meek one
„Okay enough for today, let 8767 s go and lick some frozen chicken“

Benevolent Conspiracy - TV Tropes

Didn 8767 t notice the length, just drank up your well written prose. Funnily enough I had only recently been reading about the US incarcerations. Enjoyed.

Art Conspiracy – Street Level Philanthropy

Late night at the Old Soul’s Saloon, Halloween night, nearly closing time, and only two patrons remain. Talk turns to vampires.

Now that that was gore laced horror at its goriest. All that blood flying around kind of gets the queasiness in gear. Well done.

For approximately five years now, KRK has been the go-to brand for many. Be it the home-studio producer or a full-time sound engineer, KRK is the favorite for all! Announcing the soon to be released V9 white studio monitors, KRK is all set to break the competition with a whole new addition to the acclaimed V-series lineup, the preferred studio speakers for a whole multitude of producers. Here are some of the features that you’ll love about the KRK V9 S9’s. Features to Absolutely adore: The front port bass reflex enclosure is an entirely optimized design that features 9″ bass and a 6″ high freq. speakers,

“You’re a fine horseman, Paul. You’ll do marvelously. I sent a courier earlier tonight but he went by land. You’ll go by sea.”

Although rainbows could not be destroyed, they did not enjoy being attacked all the time. Using their computer-speed intelligence they came up with a plan to get back at the people that were trying to destroy them. Since they had no actual defenses and could not do any damage they decided to retaliate by creating a nuisance that could not be ignored. Rainbows understood that they were beautiful creations that people loved to stare at. They decided to make something devoid of color that people would not want to see or experience. It needed to be something that would make people cringe at the very thought. The rainbows had their plan and they released their creation onto the world: MIMES!!!

Well, good on you to include a flat earth conspiracy. One would dispute the story, however, if the guy found the edge within a day. I would recommend having him out for at least a week for credibility 8767 s sake (you know what I mean), more likely a month.

“Mr. Warren, I think we’ll be fine. There is a gloriously bright moon tonight, so our little fishing expedition across the river should be able to make out our landing site with nary a hitch.”

8775 To be a Doctor is to understand the whole of the universe. There are no small enemies, and the only threats we actually face are the truly existential ones, 8776 he explained to his companion, a ready ear, at the Run Down, the local watering hole. The steady clink of ice in glass, the understated rumble of speech, the occasional shout and yell of the Manchester fans all padded the bubble he reveled in.

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