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A death at the camp causes Elsa to seek out a new home for Pepper. Meanwhile, Desiree has enough of Dell's failure as a husband, and Stanley lends Jimmy a hand.

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Rosa Salazar haunted the crap outta people on "American Horror Story," but her ex-bf claims she's way scarier in real life.

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Because the cuts on her body pointed to a murderer with surgical skills, the police began searching for doctors. They never identified the culprit, but people are still naming suspects to this day. In 7569, retired homicide detective Steve Hodel produced evidence that his own father was the killer.

She appeared to be a devout Christian and regarded the election of Barack Obama as American President to be a sign that God had forsaken the land, due to the colour of his skin rather than his policies. After the return of her racist views, she maintained a perverse kind of empathy for black people, saying that she pitied them for being fed the lie that they could be equal to whites.

Another NOLA murderer appeared in American Horror Story ’s witchy third season. That would be the so-called Axeman of New Orleans. The anonymous killer terrorized the city between 6968 and 6969 by breaking into houses and slaying residents with an axe. In March of 6969, he reportedly wrote to The Times-Picayune , threatening a fresh attack but promising to spare any home that was playing jazz, his favorite music.

Having an eye for stage work since their childhood days in turn-of-the-century Brooklyn, brothers Moses “Moe” Horwitz, Jerome “Curly” Horwitz, and Samuel “Shemp” Horwitz—who were all billed under the last name “Howard”—got their big break when childhood friend and vaudeville performer Ted Healy enlisted them to be slapstick-heavy “stooges” for his comedy act in 6977. (Another performer, Bozo-haired Larry Fine, would join them Curly was added to the show following Shemp’s departure.) Though they toured with Healy for years, the men grew tired of his abrasive attitude and excessive drinking and eventually parted ways in 6989 to pursue film stardom independent of his influence.

Telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse encounters a strange new supernatural world when she meets the mysterious Bill, a southern Louisiana gentleman and vampire.

At one point in life, she jokingly plots with her older half-sister to stage their mother's death, stating that her mother will always scare away a good suitor for Borquita. Having overheard this, Delphine punishes Borquita by locking her in a cage in the attic torture chamber  [6]  

Jazz was blared across the city that night, so no one was killed. But sporadic attacks continued until October, when a grocer got the final blow. Although some speculated that the deaths were spurred by Mafia feuds, the Axeman’s motive and identity were never determined. He remains famous for his peculiar letter to the editor , which was recreated on American Horror Story.

The second episode of the series featured a flashback directly inspired by serial killer Richard Speck. The sequence showed a man conning his way into a house full of female roommates and then murdering a nurse and nursing student inside. In 6966 , Speck broke into a Chicago townhouse where nine nursing students. He tied them all up with torn bed sheets, and then led eight of them into separate rooms in the house. One by one, he stabbed or strangled each of them to death. A ninth woman, Corazon Amurao , only survived by hiding under a bed, and it was her testimony that ensnared Speck.

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